Nothing to Shrug At: Meet the “Trap Tox” Trend That’s Taking Over TikTok

Looking to slip on those sexy, satin strapless tops or off-the-shoulder sundresses this summer?  Before you don those tanned “traps,” find out how you can up your warm-weather garment game with the latest cosmetic craze you need to know about.

It seems no body part is off-limits when it comes to the inimitable, multitasking Botox®.  All one must do is perform a simple Google search for “Trap Tox” and subsequent page results will be packed with viral TikTok videos showcasing athleisure wear-clad women flaunting sculpted shoulders, contoured upper backs, and taut traps two weeks after visiting their go-to medi-spa for Botox® injections – in the back!  

Introducing “trap tox.”  

Garnering over 2.3 million views and counting across today’s most popular social media platform, TikTok, the “tweak-ment” of the moment that’s been traditionally beloved for smoothing unwanted wrinkles, crinkles, and creases has taken on a new beautifying task – slimming-down those traps, also known as the trapezius muscle.  And, it’s totally got your back. 

What is “Trap Tox?”
Trapezius Botox®, or “trap tox” as it’s referred to in the aesthetics space and social media, is the minimally invasive, cosmetic treatment where Botox® injections are used to slim, thin, and sculpt the large, trapezoid-like muscle that runs from the back of the head to just above the lower back and extending out towards the shoulders.  So, why bother beautifying a seemingly abstruse place on the body with the popular, face-smoothing neurotoxin?  For one, users are looking to alleviate chronic pain due to heavy lifting, injury, exercising, poor posture, stress, and unhealthy desk habits since this rather behemoth of a muscle is a common “sore’ spot for athletes due to tightness, pulling, and knots. Others are looking to the skin-smoothing syringe to achieve a sculpted, slimmer set of shoulders, a more contoured upper back, and toned-down traps.  After all, it seems an elongated, elegant-looking neck is topping everyone’s most-wanted, cosmetic “it” list.  Just ask any beauty influencer and their legions of loyal followers, including the queen of quirky cosmetic trends, makeup mogul, reality star, and social media sensation, Kim Kardashian, who reportedly received the line-freezing injections after allegations had surfaced she had surreptitiously edited a photo making her trap muscles appear smaller, slimmer, and more sculpted.  

And that is how the current cosmetic trend took off.

How Does “Trap Tox” Work?
Traditionally, Botox® had been used to treat migraines, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and expression lines on the forehead, between brows, and around the eyes (crow’s feet) with line-free results lasting anywhere from 3-4 months on average before follow-up treatments were required to maintain results.  The same effect works on a patient’s traps, meaning visually slimming and pain-mitigation results will only last for 3-4 months before follow-up injections are required.  However, we shouldn’t turn our backs on the fact that while the sculpting and slimming effects can be desirable for many, if such a dominant muscle like the trapezius is continually “paralyzed” with a neurotoxin, albeit safe, patients run the risk of weakening the muscle overtime.  Also, if injected poorly, a patient’s shoulders could appear unsightly asymmetrical, or unbalanced.  So, an elevated aesthetic eye is imperative in producing a visually appealing effect.  While the Botox® injections won’t necessarily cause any harm, repetitive treatments may have an unwanted lasting effect, such as muscle reduction, as well as decreased muscle function.  When it comes to maintaining your body’s core strength and a perfect, upright posture, a nice, strong, stable back isn’t something you want to sacrifice for a season of Insta-worthy, shoulder-baring blouses.  So, it would be a strategic idea to use the cosmetic trend as needed, like for special events or rare occasions that call for flaunting a fabulously fit, upper physique.  

Will “Trap Tox” Work for Me?  The Benefits of “Trap Tox” Injections
If a bulky upper back or overdeveloped traps are preventing you from donning tube or tank tops, you can get your back and traps bikini-ready with a quick, 20-minute Botox® slim sesh.  ‘Trap tox” offers a bevy of back beautifying benefits, such as:

  • Improves posture
  • Elongates neck 
  • Slims/sculpts the upper back
  • Relaxes sore, tight muscles 
  • Alleviates stiffness
  • Spasm reduction
  • Flattens and flatters abdominal region, as back muscles are pulled in an upright position following treatment
  • Feminine, elegant-looking upper contour
  • Loosens not-so-nice knots
  • Relieves tension, pain, and stiffness

Your “Trap Tox” Treatment:  Results, Post-care, and What to Expect
Ready to rock sexy shoulders and toned-down traps?  Here’s what you need to know about your new neck and more:

  • Slimming/sculpting effects will take shape in about 2 weeks – same as Botox® administered to the forehead
  • Contoured results will last 3-4 months before follow-up treatments are required to maintain results
  • Prevent putting any stress/strain on the treated area for at least 24 hours following treatment
  • Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities for at least 24 hours following treatment 
  • DO NOT apply a cold or hot compress to the treated area for 24 hours following injections
  • DO NOT massage, rub, or scrub treated area for 24 hours following injections
  • Follow-up with your doctor or clinician if you experience fever, bleeding, excessive bruising, tenderness, or soreness
  • Slight swelling and slight bruising are normal for the first few days following treatment and should subside 

Your Best Shot at a Sexy, Upper Silhouette is a Call Away
If you’re curious about how you can cosmetically contour your neck, traps, shoulders, and upper back for a more elongated, elegant, feminine-looking physique with just a few, strategically placed injections of Botox®, we invite you to call our Beverly Hills office today.  Any of our highly knowledgeable, cosmetic experts will be more than happy to discuss how Botox® injections can help you achieve tight and taut traps, a contour back, and sculpted shoulders.  You can also fill out the form on the Contact Page and someone from our office will get back to you within one business day.

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