This Surgeon is a no nonsense, real deal, I got your back kind of doctor. He had so many opportunities to up sell me with the desperation I had to cover a potential scar on my face. Instead, he squeezed me in on a Friday afternoon to give me utmost comfort and tell me that there is no need for him to redo someone else's work. He assured me that we can reach my destination with a much less significant treatment. He is incredible. I am grateful.

    thumb Rose A.

      What an amazing doctor! I saw him for acne scar subcision + bellafill.  He is Super meticulous. A perfectionist.  I never felt rushed.  He took his time with me and I left feeling like I was in the absolute best hands.  Can't wait to see my final results!  I'll certainly be back to see him again. His staff is lovely as w

    thumb Rachel P.

      Dr. Lee does such an incredible job. He is clear, efficient and doesn't overly push you into something. His consultations make you feel super comfortable and explains things very clearly, so helpful and knowledgeable.

    I've gone to him before a few simple cosmetic procedures and he does exactly what he says and then some... He's one of the best out there right now you guys and I highly recommend Dr. Lee.

    thumb Gerry G.

      I had a mini tummy tuck and fat grafting with dr Lee. Incredible results and I am beyond pleased!  Dr Lee is very attentive to his patients. He will do his best to make sure you have a great result. I  deffinitely reccomend him and I would go back to see him in the future. 🙂

    thumb Sarah D.

      Dr. Lee and his staff were outstanding and I wish other plastic surgeon's offices  were more like them. Their customer service was superb! Dr. Lee made me feel comfortable, understood, and at ease. He had a great sense of humor, was personable, and confident. I asked a lot of questions and he was very patient and knowledgeable.  Many other doctors I saw were not. He took his time and did not rush me or my husband who also had many questions. When one decides to undergo surgery, cosmetic or not, that's the kind of doctor you want!

    thumb Nelly S.

      What's not to  about Dr. Lee.
    First consult, he made me feel at ease, not nervous, welcomed me and he was very kind and knowledgeable.
    Asked questions and not knowing what I was going to get into. Dr. Lee made me feel at home and that there was nothing to worry about! He gave me his opinion on how big or what not to get onlt because he is just going by what my body frame is. He doesn't rush you out unlike other doctor's. He knows what hes talking about and very well experienced with the breast world.

    2nd consult pre-op.... seen Dr. Lee again and I just love how he is so charismatic about his work. He makes us women trust him which I admire about him.

    Day of surgery, Dr. Lee seen me for the last time and woke up with new pair of boobies and OMG, I love how it looks. I'm only at 9 days post op and I'm already loving them. Can't wait for it to settle and drop!

    Dr. Lee is def the GO-TO surgeon I'd you need any mommy makeover, breast augs etc... he will make u look so good honey!!! Coz I def love how mine is looking.

    Dr. Lee is def highly recommended and I had referred him to 3 of my friends that he will be seeing soon....

    Dr. Lee you are an AMAZING individual & you ROCK AF!! I love you and thank you for making me look beautiful

    I will post and update review of new pics as time goes by......

    Bless your

    thumb Margie O.

      TLDR: Dr. Lee is awesome and is probably the most honest and reasonably priced surgeon you'll meet in LA

    I recently moved to LA from NYC and Dr. Lee is the best among surgeons/dermatologists I've worked with for face issues. I had a deep chicken pox scar from childhood on my face similar to an acne scar that was made worse by other dermatology procedures I tried. Dr. Lee filled it with Bellafill permanent filler a few weeks ago and it already looks like the scar is completely filled in. He's really friendly and reasonably priced compared to NYC places which I think is similar if not more expensive than LA. He's also very honest and doesn't upsell at all in that he told me my scar in particular can't be completely fixed but the appearance can be reduced using Bellafill.

    thumb Jelika-Mae C.

      This is looong past due, but I had a great experience with Dr. Lee. As a teenager, I got a Monroe piercing that I finally decided it was time to let go of. However, it left behind a hole in my upper lip that just wasn't closing. I contacted a number of surgeons about the possibility of getting it closed up professionally, and many were dismissive as it is such a small procedure. Dr. Lee was quick to respond, calmed my nerves about the process, and has a great sense of humor/personality. Most importantly, he did a great job! After a couple of months, you literally couldn't tell there was ever anything there. Definitely recommend him!

    thumb Emily M.


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