Dr. Lee is absolutely phenomenal! His work is nothing short of perfection. Every little detail is covered from beginning to end. I was completely satisfied with the entire process from the moment I made my appointment with Gabriel to the very end of Dr. Lee's work. Communication was on point, responses were timely and thorough, & always felt super comfortable.

    I'll be seeing you again soon, Dr. Lee (:

    thumb Kiani G.

      Dr Johnson Lee preformed earlobe reconstruction on my ears. I had my ears stretched out for 11 years; 7 of those years being a 3/4G (19mm) size. He was very nice to me, the procedure was surprisingly quick, painless, and I have very minimal scarring on my ear lobes. I am happy with my ear lobes, I even got them re-pierced with no issues. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore my career options within my criminal justice degree 🙂

    thumb Ana A.

      Dr. Lee is amazing! He's made my face look 10 years younger. He has the Midas touch. I recommend anyone to him. He's known for mommy make overs and he's also an awesome injector. Great long lasting Botox and fillers!

    thumb Capital I.

      I am 51 and I recently got pec implants. I was a dancer when I was younger and worked out every day but I quit working out so much as I got holder and I noticed my pecs looked like they were dropping to the side. Someone told me to go see Dr. Lee. I had a consultation about a year ago but it seemed strange to me for a man to get implants so I took about 8 months to come to the decision that it was a risk I was willing to take and I could always remove them if they looked weird. Well they look amazing! People are always joking about how I must work out all the time, even total strangers walking down the street.  I thought they would be too big but they are perfect. Plus thre muscle is on top so they can get bigger if I work out. Which they do because now I have alot of confidence and I want to stay in shape because I enjoy all the attention. I got some push back from people worried I was trying to fix my insides with my outsides and maybe that's true to some extent, but I don't look in the mirror every morning now and sadly think how old my pecs look. Now I feel sexy and fun and that has helped alot with my self esteem and taking on the day. I'm very happy I did it!

    thumb Roger B.

      Dr. Lee is Amazing the best, his knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations.
    He explain all the procedure and very detail, I could not be more happier with my results, as the days go by and I heal I tear up just looking at myself and the amazing body he has given me, I've struggle with my body for the past 20 years and now I can say Dr. Lee change my life.

    Also the whole staff are very humble and amazing always making me feel comfortable, I had so many questions after my surgery and they were always there to communicate with me.  

    Thank you so much Dr. lee, you are THE BEST, I'll be seeing you soon for the rest of my procedure

    thumb Sandra A.

      Dr. Lee and his assistant Gabriel have been a fantastic starting from the consultation process to the very application of my first superficial chemical peel. He's friendly and informative, having given me adequate notice not to stay under the sun one week prior to the peel and two weeks after. I had a couple days worth of peeling but one week later, my skin looks completely bright and smooth--devoid of any forehead wrinkles and visible acne marks.

    Additionally, Dr. Lee also performed my hair transplant for my receding hairline. The procedure has been completely painless and I am completely in awe of how natural the results appear. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone looking for a knowledgable, respected, and good-natured doctor who cares for his patients every step of the way.

    thumb Karan S.

      I am usually a person who likes to do research when it comes to getting medical procedures. I had gone to other doctors until my friend recommended Dr. Lee. When I arrived for my appointment Gabriel made me feel extremely comfortable and welcomed. After my consultation with Dr. Lee I knew he was the doctor for me! I had my procedure which lasted 10 hours but Dr. Lee and the nurses did an amazing job at keeping me comfortable. I am so happy with the procedure and outcome! I will definitely be going back for more!

    thumb Robert U.

      I went to see Dr. Lee for Juvederm in my nose & cheeks. I was blown away by how amazing he was. I've been to numerous doctors in LA/Beverly Hills for filler/Botox & Dr. Johnson is by far the best. He was so friendly & real & patient. His technique was virtually painless. He was honest about what i needed & listened to my concerns & the end result I wanted. I couldn't be happier with the results! His staff was also incredibly friendly. I have never been so satisfied with a Dr. In Los Angeles/Beverly Hills.

    thumb Corinne S.

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