If i could give Dr. Lee 100 stars I would! I recently got a 360 lipo & a bbl im 2 weeks post op and im loving my results already! He made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions clearly. My recovery was so fast! Thank you so much Dr. Lee

    thumb Jasmine L.

      I am 51 and I recently got pec implants. I was a dancer when I was younger and worked out every day but I quit working out so much as I got holder and I noticed my pecs looked like they were dropping to the side. Someone told me to go see Dr. Lee. I had a consultation about a year ago but it seemed strange to me for a man to get implants so I took about 8 months to come to the decision that it was a risk I was willing to take and I could always remove them if they looked weird. Well they look amazing! People are always joking about how I must work out all the time, even total strangers walking down the street.  I thought they would be too big but they are perfect. Plus thre muscle is on top so they can get bigger if I work out. Which they do because now I have alot of confidence and I want to stay in shape because I enjoy all the attention. I got some push back from people worried I was trying to fix my insides with my outsides and maybe that's true to some extent, but I don't look in the mirror every morning now and sadly think how old my pecs look. Now I feel sexy and fun and that has helped alot with my self esteem and taking on the day. I'm very happy I did it!

    thumb Roger B.

      Best Doctor in Beverly Hills... hands down.  Beverly Hills isn't short of plastic surgeons so thankfully there are forums like these to identify who truly is the best out there.  I've been struggling with acne scars for literally over a decade and I've tried it all... every procedure, laser, skin regimen.  After one visit from Dr Lee and a Bella fill/ subcision and pixel laser procedure I feel like there has been a dramatic difference.  I won't dare say perfect after only one treatment, but at least after this session i feel like I can get to perfect under his care.  Dr. Lee is extremely personable and easy to talk to so i instantly felt comfortable.  His entire team, especially Gabriel, are professional and friendly which makes a huge impact of the overall experience.  In short, i am so glad i went to Dr. Lee that i feel like i owe it to others to share my experience since i wish i could of found Dr. Lee earlier and could have saved myself literally thousands on procedures that didn't have nearly the same results as this.  My entire procedure was virtually painless thanks to their numbing cream and the doctor's skillful hands.  I was set on the bellafill, but I am so glad i did the pixel laser because it completely resurfaced my skin with only 4 days downtime.  I definitely recommend this laser to anyone, but obviously the depth and intensity would be scaled to your skin needs.  Mine was for acne scarring so he went pretty deep and the whole process was a breeze.  I can't wait for my next session.  I will also be getting his signature chemical peel to manage my breakouts and overall skin texture.

    thumb Derek T.

      I can't say enough nice things!! Beautiful office! Great staff! Amazing dr! Not only is he talented and honest but he is really down to earth and explains everything and doesn't sell you what you don't need. I felt welcome from the minute I walked in and even before that! They made my appt so convenient-I live across the country and was totally accommodated to my schedule.i will absolutely go back I just love it here.tyyyyy

    thumb Cindy G.

      I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Johnson Lee when I consulted with him for a Lower Eyelid Lift.  I had consulted with four different surgeons that specialize in upper and lower eyelid modifications. Di Lee undoubtedly stood out.  When I sat down with him to look at his work, I knew that this was the surgeon that I was going to choose. He has a beautiful bedside manner, and I was so confident and comfortable going into surgery.   He totally prepared me for pre-op with the creams  and supplements to assist me in healing and being comfortable through out the enhancement. I had minimal bruising which totally healed within 5 days.   I have no scars.  The results are really exactly what I had wished for so natural. I recommend Dr Lee for any and all enhancements.  He is one of a kind, and his passion and dedication to giving each patient the best result shows. Gratitude always to a very special aesthetic surgeon and his wonderful knowledgeable assistant Michelle. Arlene Treisman

    thumb Arlene T.

      Dr. Lee was super knowledgeable and sensitive to specific concerns and any points he thought I should be aware of.  Really appreciated his detailed explanations and walking through the exact process of particular procedures. Gabriel was also so helpful and friendly, and made the entire visit so easy. Very pleasant experience!

    thumb Marissa L.

      Dr. Lee is a phenomenal physician. The moment I entered his office I felt really comfortable. Gabriel made the process extremely easy. I was really unhappy with the appearance of a scar and Dr. Lee tailored his treatment on my concern. He explained clearly with different types of treatments. I fully trust his recommendation because he's knowledgeable and he sincerely wants to ensure I'm happy with the result. I am very pleased with his care.

    thumb Hank L.

      I had been very curious about the whole PRP to the scalp for hair thinning for a while. So I reached out to Dr. Lee's office to get more info about the specifics of the treatment. First off, Gabriel (his coordinator) is probably the most thorough and efficient person I've ever met and he's amazing at responding to any/all correspondance,like immediately. Long story short, I was convinced after having some questions answered, to come in and give it a try. Not only that, Dr. Lee took the time to thoroughly inform me if the pros and cons and alternative options beforehand as well. Honestly it's taken a couple of months to see results (as I was made aware of) but I'm actually seeing real results! My hairline is fuller & more dense. I'm so happy so far that I'm continuing my treatments as I type. Thank you so much Dr. Lee.......and Gabriel!

    thumb April J.

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