Dr. Lee is Amazing the best, his knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations.
    He explain all the procedure and very detail, I could not be more happier with my results, as the days go by and I heal I tear up just looking at myself and the amazing body he has given me, I've struggle with my body for the past 20 years and now I can say Dr. Lee change my life.

    Also the whole staff are very humble and amazing always making me feel comfortable, I had so many questions after my surgery and they were always there to communicate with me.  

    Thank you so much Dr. lee, you are THE BEST, I'll be seeing you soon for the rest of my procedure

    thumb Sandra A.

      Dr. Lee: professional, skillful, attentive, caring, knowledgable, the list goes on. After several consultations I was thrilled when I met Dr. Lee. He knew exactly what was happening with my body and expertly came up with an action plan to get me the results I wanted. He never told me what I "should do," but instead listened to my wishes and turned them into a reality. Furthermore, he really treats all of his patients like long term clients as evidenced by the fact that I can message or call him months post-op and he will answer any questions I have or bring me in for a visit. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Lee and I hope you have the pleasure to work with him yourself--you won't be disappointed!

    thumb C K.

      This Surgeon is a no nonsense, real deal, I got your back kind of doctor. He had so many opportunities to up sell me with the desperation I had to cover a potential scar on my face. Instead, he squeezed me in on a Friday afternoon to give me utmost comfort and tell me that there is no need for him to redo someone else's work. He assured me that we can reach my destination with a much less significant treatment. He is incredible. I am grateful.

    thumb Rose A.

      I am 51 and I recently got pec implants. I was a dancer when I was younger and worked out every day but I quit working out so much as I got holder and I noticed my pecs looked like they were dropping to the side. Someone told me to go see Dr. Lee. I had a consultation about a year ago but it seemed strange to me for a man to get implants so I took about 8 months to come to the decision that it was a risk I was willing to take and I could always remove them if they looked weird. Well they look amazing! People are always joking about how I must work out all the time, even total strangers walking down the street.  I thought they would be too big but they are perfect. Plus thre muscle is on top so they can get bigger if I work out. Which they do because now I have alot of confidence and I want to stay in shape because I enjoy all the attention. I got some push back from people worried I was trying to fix my insides with my outsides and maybe that's true to some extent, but I don't look in the mirror every morning now and sadly think how old my pecs look. Now I feel sexy and fun and that has helped alot with my self esteem and taking on the day. I'm very happy I did it!

    thumb Roger B.

      Dr. Lee does incredible work and he has a very broad skill set, along with being extremely honest. He will not recommend a procedure that won't benefit you, and I would trust him with any cosmetic procedure after seeing him for liposuction and Botox injections so far. Having never had any surgical procedures, I was a bit nervous before liposuction but he and his staff made the entire process easy and stress-free. Honestly the first few days after the procedure were not fun, but the staff at Beverly Hills Physicians were readily available when minor issues arose. Afterwards, my healing process was a breeze and after just 2 weeks my results were seriously amazing. In fact, I saw a massage therapist for post op lymphatic drainage who commented on how amazing I looked, saying she sees post op patients every day and some even have bruising still after 3 months while my bruises and swelling were so minimal after only 10 days. The entire team is so caring, I couldn't recommend them enough. The surgical coordinator Karina also helped me through this process the entire way and the anesthesiologist and nurses are so dedicated and knowledgeable. If you're considering any cosmetic surgery at all in the LA area, make Dr. Lee your first choice!

    thumb Danielle C.

      I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Johnson Lee when I consulted with him for a Lower Eyelid Lift.  I had consulted with four different surgeons that specialize in upper and lower eyelid modifications. Di Lee undoubtedly stood out.  When I sat down with him to look at his work, I knew that this was the surgeon that I was going to choose. He has a beautiful bedside manner, and I was so confident and comfortable going into surgery.   He totally prepared me for pre-op with the creams  and supplements to assist me in healing and being comfortable through out the enhancement. I had minimal bruising which totally healed within 5 days.   I have no scars.  The results are really exactly what I had wished for so natural. I recommend Dr Lee for any and all enhancements.  He is one of a kind, and his passion and dedication to giving each patient the best result shows. Gratitude always to a very special aesthetic surgeon and his wonderful knowledgeable assistant Michelle. Arlene Treisman

    thumb Arlene T.

      I got earlobe reconstruction surgery from Dr Lee and I'm stoked on the results. Prior I had stretched ears for ten years at 3/4 inch. After 3 weeks post chop the scars were undetectable and looked great. And it wasn't even a very painful experience. He's also seems like a cool dude.

    thumb C D.

      Dr. Lee and his staff were outstanding and I wish other plastic surgeon's offices  were more like them. Their customer service was superb! Dr. Lee made me feel comfortable, understood, and at ease. He had a great sense of humor, was personable, and confident. I asked a lot of questions and he was very patient and knowledgeable.  Many other doctors I saw were not. He took his time and did not rush me or my husband who also had many questions. When one decides to undergo surgery, cosmetic or not, that's the kind of doctor you want!

    thumb Nelly S.


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