Lasers treat a multitude of skin problems from large raised surgical scars to sun-damaged skin and pigment changes. Dr. Lee uses the Alma® system which features intense pulsed light (IPL) for pigmented spots and superficial blood vessels, a laser hair removal device, and a non-ablative PIXEL laser for total skin resurfacing, tightening, and scar treatment. Laser and light therapies must be chosen and calibrated appropriately according to each individual’s skin type to avoid injury and aggravating existing skin conditions. Dr. Lee will perform a thorough evaluation of your skin history, type, and features to select the safest most effective treatment settings.

Anesthesia is provided with a topical anesthetic cream.

Recovery is minimal and patients can resume routine activity shortly after the treatment. Mild redness and/or swelling may occur for the first 2 days.

Results improve gradually over 4-6 weeks. Additional treatments may be necessary at that time for continued improvement.

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