KYBELLA ® is the latest medical technology designed for neck contour enhancement. This prescription medicine is a non-surgical treatment for patients hoping to get rid of stubborn chin and neck fat. Dr. Lee is specially trained in the use of KYBELLA® to safely and effectively administer the medicine in the proper location. Appropriate candidates can expect an improved angle to their neck on profile and a better defined jawline. During your visit, Dr. Lee will perform a thorough examination and evaluate the various components of your neck. For patients with more significant amounts of fat or excess skin, Dr. Lee may recommend liposuction or a necklift for optimal results.

Anesthesia is provided with a topical anesthetic cream.

Recovery is minimal and patients can resume routine activity by the following day. Mild swelling may occur in the first two weeks.

Results take 4-6 weeks for final results. Patients with more significant amount of fat may require additional treatments.

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