Hand Rejuvenation is a procedure performed by Dr. Lee in which fat or a temporary but long-lasting injectable filler is placed into the top of the hand to restore volume and a healthy appearance to the skin. As we age, the youthful skin of the hand thins and sun damage begins to become apparent in the form of dark spots or pigmented areas. Underlying fat also thins and the bones and tendons of the hand can be more easily seen. Many people feel that the hands “give away your age” because it is often neglected by both patients and physicians. Dr. Lee is a certified Radiesse® Hand Injector who routinely uses Radiesse® for a safe, quick, and effective method of hand rejuvenation.

Anesthesia is sedation or general for surgical fat grafting to the hand. Filler injections do not require anesthesia although topical anesthetic is provided for a pain-free procedure.

Recovery varies on the procedure performed. Filler injections can be performed as a “lunchtime” procedure. Fat grafting is performed as an outpatient procedure and patients go home the same day. Patients should refrain from pressure or strenuous hand activity for 2 weeks.

Results are immediate and continue to improve over several days. Fat grafting takes several months for permanent final results. Fillers can last for months to several years depending on the product used.

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