Chemical Peels provide many skin benefits from anti-aging to correction of skin tone and hyperpigmentation due to acne or sun damage. Dr. Lee has performed published research on chemical peels and only selects the peels which have been medically proven to be safe and beneficial for the health and appearance of the skin. The chemicals used are specially compounded products which cannot be obtained over-the-counter. Each patient will undergo a thorough history and skin examination to help determine the appropriate treatment plan to achieve your skin goals. Some of the peels performed by Dr. Johnson Lee include the glycolic acid peel, salicylic acid peel, Jessner’s peel, and tretinoin peel.

Anesthesia is not necessary for the peels performed and the entire process takes less than half an hour.

Recovery is variable depending on the peel performed. More superficial peels have no downtime. Some peels may be more exfoliative with significant peeling occurring for 3-5 days. Dr. Lee will help select a peel which best suits your schedule and needs.

Results are immediate after peeling is completed. The skin can continue to improve with additive effects through appropriate skin care and chemical peels.

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