BOTOX® Cosmetic, is an injectable product which prevents your muscle movements from producing those bothersome wrinkles and lines associated with age and sun damage. Dr. Lee believes that the best way to treat unsightly wrinkles or furrows from forming is to prevent them from happening in the first place! During your consultation, Dr. Lee will evaluate your facial expressions to precisely target only the problematic muscles, thus allowing him to better control your results while keeping your face appearing natural. If left untreated overtime, deeper wrinkles can become permanently etched into your skin even with BOTOX®. Dr. Lee may also combine fillers to soften these deeper creases for a more youthful look. BOTOX® can also be used for elevating the eyebrows.

BOTOX® can also be injected into muscles along the jawline and chin to reduce their size. This helps create a “V-line” or “V-Shape” to the face instead of a round fuller face. This is a frequently requested procedure to create a more feminine, youthful look.

Anesthesia is applied with a topical cream for a completely painless procedure, although some patients do not require any cream at all.

Recovery is minimal. Injections are frequently done as a “lunch-time” procedure. Swelling or redness, if any, usually resolves within half an hour.

Results take approximately 1 week to begin taking effect. Maximal results occur at two weeks and can last for 3 to 4 months. Consistent usage increases the duration of effects and decreases the amount needed for “touch-ups” at each visit.

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