Chin & Neck procedures are frequently requested by men looking for a more masculine and defined jaw and neckline. Dr. Lee offers several options from surgery to temporary filler augmentation to redefine the borders of the face. Surgical options include a chin implant or a lower face and necklift to tighten saggy skin. For men who have good underlying bone structure blunted by excess fat, fat removal can be achieved through liposuction or KYBELLA® injections to dissolve the fat away.

Incisions from surgery or liposuction are hidden around the contours of the ear. Implants can be placed inside the mouth or through an incision behind the chin. Injections do not require any incisions.

Anesthesia is sedation or general for surgical procedures and patients can usually go home the same day. A necklift may require overnight monitoring with a nurse.

Recovery after surgery is variable and most patients can resume daily activities within 2 weeks. More strenuous activity can be performed by 4 weeks. Patients will be given a garment to wear for support and to reduce swelling.

Results are immediate and long-lasting

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