Necklift surgery help remove excess skin of the neck for a younger, more smooth appearance. At the same time the muscles in the neck area can be tightened and extra fat removed for an improved jawline contour and facial profile. Dr. Lee will carefully evaluate your face and neck to determine the appropriate option for your sex, age, and facial features.

Incisions are hidden below the chin and just behind the natural crease. Additional hidden incisions may be made around the contours of the ear and along the hairline of the back of the head if significant excess skin needs to be removed. A facelift shares the same incisions.

Anesthesia Local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia and patients will be monitored overnight with a nurse.

Recovery is variable and most patients can resume daily activities within 2 weeks. More strenuous activity can be performed by 4 weeks. Patients will be given a garment to wear for support and to reduce swelling.

Results are immediate and long-lasting

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