Facelift surgery turns back the clock on facial aging. As we get older, the layers of the face begin to descend to create jowls, heavy nasolabial folds, and a saggy neck. Volume loss or hollowing occurs around areas such as the cheeks and the eyes. Dr. Lee uses several variations of facelifts according to your ethnicity, sex, and facial features to restore both the position and volume of your facial layers into a youthful and natural position. By spending the time to delicately lift both the fascial layer (SMAS) and the skin, Dr. Lee is able to avoid the dreaded “pulled” look while producing a long-lasting result. Volume can also be replaced with permanent Fat Grafting or temporary Injectable Fillers. Many patients also benefit from a Necklift, Eyelid, or Eye Bag Surgery at the same time for a more harmonious result.

Incisions are carefully designed at or within the hairline and extend along the natural creases of the ear to avoid hairline or earlobe distortion while staying hidden. The incision may also extend along the hairline along the back of the neck depending on the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed.

Anesthesia is general or sedation and patients will be monitored during an overnight stay with a nurse.

Recovery is variable but most patients return to routine activity within 2 weeks and more strenuous activity by four weeks.

Results of surgery are immediate and long-lasting.

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