Eyelid Surgery or blepharoplasty is a personal passion of Dr. Johnson Lee. This procedure rejuvenates your eyes by removing excess skin and fat while restoring a youthful look and shape. Whether you need Asian Double Eyelid Surgery, Male Eyelid Surgery, or brighter wider eyes, Dr. Lee will design your eyelids to be appropriate for your sex and ethnicity. Dr. Lee was selected for and completed additional speciality training in aesthetic and oculoplastic surgery with internationally-renowned plastic surgeon Mark Codner MD in Atlanta, GA. He has also contributed to a blepharoplasty video series and comprehensive oculoplastic textbook currently in circulation. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will carefully examine your eyelids and delicate periorbital structures to formulate a safe and effective treatment plan. Dr. Lee also has his signature Light Lift in which he performs upper eyelid lifts without the need for anesthesia or recovery time.

Incisions in the upper eyelid are made within the planned or natural crease. Lower eyelid incisions may be hidden behind or in the natural crease below the eyelashes.

Anesthesia is general or sedation and patients can go home the same day. Dr. Lee’s special Light Lift requires only local numbing medication and no anesthesia.

Recovery usually takes just several days before many patients return to work. Bruising resolves in the first week followed by an additional week of swelling. Strenuous activitiy can be resumed at four weeks. Light Lift patients often go back to work the next day.

Results of surgery are immediate and long-lasting.

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