Dr. Johnson Lee specializes in upper blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure that repairs or reconstructs the upper eyelid. This surgery, commonly referred to as eyelid surgery, can address cosmetic concerns such as overhanging skin and treat vision issues caused by redundant lid tissue. Dr. Lee approaches each case with precision and passion, crafting personalized treatments to remove excess skin and fat, resulting in youthful contours and a refreshed gaze. Whether patients seek Asian double eyelid surgery, male eyelid surgery, or simply desire brighter, wider eyes, Dr. Lee tailors each procedure to complement their unique features, taking into account gender and ethnicity to achieve the best results.


Experience the rejuvenating effects of Lower Blepharoplasty, a specialized procedure that removes puffy and heavy-appearing bags under the eyes, restoring a youthful and vibrant look to your gaze. Under the expert care of Dr. Johnson Lee, a renowned eyelid specialist, our practice excels in both aesthetic and oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Lee’s meticulous technique addresses every anatomical layer—from skin and muscle to ligaments and fat—ensuring a seamless integration between the eyelid and cheek while maintaining the eye’s natural shape. In certain cases, fat grafting is employed to restore volume lost with age, resulting in a smoother, more youthful lower eyelid and a revitalized overall appearance.

Specialized Expertise and Innovative Techniques

Dr. Lee’s expertise is honed through specialized training in aesthetic and oculoplastic surgery under the guidance of acclaimed plastic surgeon Mark Codner MD in Atlanta, GA. Contributing to a renowned blepharoplasty video series and an esteemed oculoplastic textbook, Dr. Lee stands at the forefront of innovative techniques in eyelid surgery.

Comprehensive Consultation for Your Unique Needs

During your consultation, Dr. Lee conducts a thorough assessment of your eyelids and delicate periorbital structures, devising a safe and effective treatment plan tailored to your goals. With Dr. Lee’s signature Light Lift, upper eyelid lifts are performed seamlessly, without the need for anesthesia or extended recovery periods.

Seamless Procedure and Rapid Recovery

Incisions for upper eyelid surgery are meticulously placed within the natural crease, while lower eyelid incisions are discreetly positioned behind or within the lash line. Patients can opt for general anesthesia or sedation, returning home the same day. Dr. Lee’s innovative Light Lift technique utilizes local numbing medication, ensuring a comfortable experience with minimal downtime.

Swift Return to Normalcy with Lasting Results

Recovery is swift, with many patients returning to work within several days. Bruising typically subsides within the first week, followed by a gradual reduction in swelling. Most activities can be resumed within four weeks, while patients undergoing the Light Lift technique often return to work the following day. Results are immediate and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy a revitalized appearance for years to come.

Ready to rejuvenate your eyes and elevate your confidence? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson Lee today and embark on your journey to timeless beauty.

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