Breast Revision

Breast revision may occur if you have had previous breast surgery Breast Surgery and you would like additional readjustment, restoration, or enhancement. Most breast surgeries do not create permanent results and changes are expected to occur due to lifestyle, genetics, and aging. Due to the changes in the breast tissues, breast revisions are more complex than the original surgery performed. Dr. Lee will carefully evaluate your breasts, surgical and medical history, and any photos you may have to determine what technique can help achieve your goals.

Incisions are typically designed using the previous incisions. If pre-existing incision sites are suboptimal, they may be removed at the same time.

Anesthesia is sedation or general anesthesia and most patients can go home the same day although more complex procedures may require an overnight stay.

Recovery depends on the extent of your breast revision but you can expect to gradually increase your activity to normal levels within 2 weeks and more strenuous activities by 4 weeks.

Results are immediate and long-lasting.

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