Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

helps improve the overall shape and contour of the breasts and body through the use of implants. It can also balance breast size and restore volume loss due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.


are either filled with silicone or saline (saltwater) and can be placed in a pocket created over or under the chest muscle. During your consultation, Dr. J Lee will perform a thorough evaluation and measurement of your breasts and body type. Together, you will discuss the various implant options, including type, size, shape, profile, and pocket position in order to create the appropriate treatment plan to achieve your desired look. Dr. J Lee also uses the MENTOR breast implant sizing system where different size molds are used to simulate how you appear in your own clothes and help finalize your decision.


can be hidden under the breast, around the nipple and areola, or in the underarm area (axilla).


is general anesthesia and patients can expect to go home shortly after surgery.


 is variable but most patients can slowly increase from light activities to their normal routine by 2-3 weeks. More strenuous activity may allowed after 4 weeks.


continue to improve shortly after surgery and are long lasting.

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