Breast Reconstruction

Breast and Nipple reconstruction restores a woman’s body after a mastectomy for cancer, traumatic injury, or a birth defect. Numerous options are available including using your own tissue, inserting implants, or combining multiple procedures. Because of the complexity of breast reconstruction, Dr. Lee will work closely with you and your entire medical team to create a treatment plan according to your goals.

Implants, if used, are either filled with silicone or saline (saltwater) and can be placed in a pocket created over or under the chest muscle. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will perform a thorough evaluation and measurement of your natural breasts and body type. Together, you will discuss the various implant options, including type, size, shape, profile, and pocket position so you can make the best informed decisions. Your reconstruction may be staged into multiple separate procedures for optimal results.

Incisions are usually made along pre-existing incisions or coordinated with your other surgeons to maximize the safety and outcome of your reconstruction.

Anesthesia is general anesthesia and patients may go home the same day or require a hospital stay depending on the complexity and stage of their procedure.

Recovery is variable but most patients can slowly increase from light activities to their normal routine by 2-3 weeks. More strenuous activity may allowed after 4 weeks.

Results are long lasting although you may have additional procedures such as fat grafting or 3-D nipple color tattooing for optimal results.

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