Arm Lift or brachioplasty removes and tightens the skin and fat in the upper arm. This is often combined with liposuction to improve overall contour. Excellent candidates include patients with arms that respond poorly to diet and exercise or those who have had significant weight loss with loose skin (aka “bat wings”) which hang downwards. Some patients have tight skin, but excess fat in the upper arms. These patients may be able to avoid traditional brachioplasty incisions and get great results from liposuction alone. Dr. Lee will examine your arms to make sure you receive the appropriate treatment option with the minimal incisions necessary.

Incisions are usually kept on the inside of the arm closest to the body or along the back so they are hidden from front view. They may vary in length or extend into the axilla (armpit) depending on the amount of skin which needs to be removed.

Anesthesia is sedation or general and patients can go home the same day.

Recovery is variable but most patients can expect routine activity by 2 weeks and full strenuous activity by 4 weeks. Dressings or garments may be worn during this time.

Results are immediate and continue to improve as swelling resolves.

Arm Lift

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