Making Your Mommy Makeover Happen: What You Need to Know About Financing Options

Ready to finally take the plunge and treat your body to an exclusive, “made-for-you” Mommy Makeover?  Before you book your personalized plastic surgery package sure to help you achieve your all post-baby body goals, be sure you have your financing strategy in order.

Like any plastic surgery procedure, it takes considerable time, thought, prepping, and planning before the “big day” and your much-anticipated Mommy Makeover is no exception. Depending on the number of procedures you plan to undergo as part of your Mommy Makeover surgery, you are looking at upwards of around $20k or more.  Discussing your current cosmetic concerns and aesthetic aspirations with your surgeon will greatly help you make an informed decision about which procedures are best for your surgical success.  Turns out, you may not even need a procedure you previously thought you would.  Hence, why communication is so effective and the key to ensuring a positive doctor-patient experience. This cost is a roundabout figure and will be less or more depending on how many cosmetic procedures you plan on having done.  Of course, the more procedures you schedule, the higher the cost.  The total estimated cost includes:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Operating room fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Surgical garment (compression garments to be worn post-op as part of routine recovery efforts)
  • Overnight stay (if applicable)

Your initial consultation offers not only a full medical evaluation, but the perfect opportunity to get candid about your most pressing post-baby, cosmetic concerns. In turn, your surgeon will offer an in-depth look at all the procedures you’re considering, so you both can create a customized surgical plan that’s perfect for your body.  While traditional Mommy Makeovers comprise of a breast, liposuction, and tummy tuck procedure, some patients opt to add on a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) or labiaplasty.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of My Mommy Makeover?
The short answer?  No.  A Mommy Makeover is considered an elective, cosmetic procedure typically not covered by traditional health insurance. However, there are a number of different financing options and plans available to most qualifying patients that can conveniently fit into their budget.  The most popular is CareCredit, a financial institution that finances many elective procedures in the aesthetics space.  If qualified, you’ll receive a CareCredit credit card to be used to pay any balances of your surgeries. Paperwork is quick and you can find out if you qualify in a matter of minutes. CareCredit even offers special financing of procedures that total $2500 or more and may qualify you for a 60-month finance offer with an approved 17.9% APR until paid in full.  This, along with other options, can all be discussed prior to your impending surgery date. To learn more, you can visit     

Planning Your Mommy Makeover with Dr. Johnson Lee
Dr. Johnson’s highly-skilled finance experts can help you find the best finance option plans to meet your beauty budget – and your dream body.  Consulting with the team should be done prior to booking your pre-op appointment.  Once you have your financing plans squared away, the quoted surgeon’s fee will remain in effect for 90 days, while others (anesthesia, operating room, devices such as implants) will be given as estimates ONLY.  Elective procedures, such as the Mommy Makeover, will require a payment of $1000 OR half of the surgeon’s fee as a non-refundable deposit for all procedures to be scheduled.  This deposit basically locks your surgery date in-place.  The remaining balance is due and payable 3 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date.  The Practice accepts cashier’s checks, wire transfer, and all major credit cards, including CreditCare.  No cash is accepted.  Keep in mind, if you should cancel for any reason after the procedure(s) have already been scheduled with less than 10 business days’ notice, half of the surgeon’s fee will be retained to cover the costs of contract labor, equipment, and more.  We do hope you understand.  A lot of time and preparation goes into making your surgery a winning success.  

We recognize money matters can be uncomfortable and even confusing.  That is why Dr. Johnson Lee’s team is here to help walk you through each and every step of the financial planning process, so you can concentrate on your upcoming surgery, healing, and enjoying your beautiful results.

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